Every year La Fundació Riera i Gubau provides scholarships to the students from La Selva who want to improve their knowledge of the English language.

This scholarship is for our secondary students of 3r and 4t ESO. They can apply for a scholarship to go to study abroad. There are two types of grants, A and B. If a student applies for the type A scholarship, he/she has the opportunity, if chosen, to spend two weeks in an English speaking country and attend an English Course with other international students. On the other hand, only students of 4t ESO can apply for the scholarship type B, in which they can get the chance to go and study ‘Grade 15’ (1r Batxillerat) in the USA. We want to encourage our students to apply for them, as it can be a great experience and a good opportunity to keep improving their English.

Good luck!

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